Advance Beauty Treatments

Special Body Treatments

  • "Shrinking Violet"  Wraps     Full Body (2 Hrs)  £51.99  

Want to lose inches in 60 mins ?  This fabulous revolutionary body wrap system is pain free & non invasive. Lay back relax and improve your body.


  • Detox Massage Treatment (1hr 15 mins)        £46.99

A detoxyfying full body treatment to help rid the body of unwanted toxins. Can also help combat the signs of cellulite. Includes brushing exfoliation and vigorous massage.

  • Cellulite treatment (45 mins)                       £33.99

As the Detox treatment above but for specific areas only. A course of 5 or 10 treatments will gain maximum benefits.

  • Top To Toe Pamper  (1 hr 40 mins)                £59.99

A combination of soothing facial treatments, Hand & arm, Leg & foot massage. Plus a back facial with body exfoliation.  A wonderfully relaxing treatment.